Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rainbow Feather

Rainbow color quilling feather.....

Take quilling strips in rainbow colors.... (or any color of your choice.....)

Any length depending on your work.... (I have used 6" long) 

Paste one end of the paper leaving a small gap apart in the order of the rainbow color.... If you have taken any other colors... depending on the shades of colors, according to your requirement you can past them

Past the other end of all of the quilling strips together

It will now looks like this

With your quilling tool.... quill the side that was pasted with a gap apart....

Quill up to the place you have pasted the last quilling strip.... Hold for a few seconds giving it time to adjust to the shape.... slowly remove the quilling tool and gently release the coil so that it will not uncoil too much...

You will have beautiful rainbow feathers.......


  1. This is beautiful Faith, I'd like to have a go at making it.

    Could you please tell me, what length are the strips and are they all the same length? If I'm seeing it right, you then add a white strip across them and roll up from the end that you attached them all?


    1. Yes they are all one size..... you can use any length as per your requirement.... I have used 6" long.

      Rainbow colored quilling papers pasted together, one end of the papers are pasted leaving a tiny gap apart, and the other side is pasted all at the end. Then with your quilling tool scroll the end that was pasted leaving the gap up to the last pasted position, hold it for a second or two and then let go. You will have a beautiful rainbow feather.